Friday, October 25, 2013

Spooktacular Surprise #4

My goodness!  How has a month of "Spooktacular Surprises" passed us by? I've already decided how I will transition into Thanksgiving because I have really had a ball this month.  I was never big into Halloween so this is new for me.  I guess I just love making a big fuss over my boys.  That said, I'm trying to do it in a fun way and not a, "you are going to be so, so, so spoiled by the time I'm done with you" sortof way.  Hopefully, I am succeeding.  At any rate, I'm really excited about today's treat. It isn't all that exciting but, if I may toot my own horn, just looks so darn cute!!! 

Bugs and Kisses
Thanks to Pinterest, I got this adorable idea and free printable here
I picked up these adorable Halloween cups at the grocery store for $1 - how fun!
Ghost Milk- couldn't resist the ghost peeps in chocolate milk.
Fun Halloween balloon that H has gone nuts over all month at the grocery store. 
Even the hubby gets a fun treat when he gets in from fly fishing.
I also wanted to share this fun snack idea. It looks adorable on the sideboard.....
.....and taste better than it looks.
Well, the house is a wreck so I am off to do laundry and clean.  Please try your hardest not to be jealous.  Spooktacular Surprises may be over but I have Halloween's Spooktacular Supper to pull off and then this Halloween will be in the books.  *Sigh* life is going by too fast!
Have a frightenly, fantastic Friday!



  1. Oh my how fun and creative is this. I especially love the ghost milk, that is so clever. Hugs, Marty

  2. So glad to have you stop by! I adore your blog. Have a great day :)