Wednesday, October 30, 2013


There is so much Halloween fun going on in our house that the wee ones are going to be flat pooped out for tomorrow night!  Hopefully, this will help ease the disappointment of the annual visit from the Halloween Grinch (otherwise known as "Mean Mommy" who rations the candy and then donates the remainder to our Sunday School class).  Here's a quick re-cap of all our fun:

1.  We took the kids for Krispy Screams on Saturday.  They had a ball watching the  donuts come off the line.

2.  Thing 1 and Thing 2 enjoyed our Church's Fall Festival.  This idea replaced our normal Trunk or Treat and while they were sad not to wear costumes, they got over it pretty quick when they saw the fun 40 foot choo-choo.  Unfortunately, the didn't get to ride the choo-choo.  After being the first in line and waiting for 15 minutes, they were not allowed on because they didn't have a ticket.  My sweet hubby didn't know they were supposed to go by a booth (neither did I) to get tickets (free - mind you) because they came straight to my booth where I was volunteering. They were so upset but the adorable sweethearts made their own train the next day at home.  I promise I am not going to get upset about that episode.  I am not going to get upset. I am not going to get upset that my children got kicked off  a train at a free church event. I really am not.........if I say it enough times hopefully, it will become true. 

Yes, I tried to crop the photo. To do so would result in chopping off one head or the other......and it is SUCH a cute photo of the wee ones.  Go ahead, giggle.  Uber Photo Bomb!
Need a (FREE) ticket to ride train
They made their own train - my heart melted when I saw this. 
Notice how Mr. Bear and Mickey got to ride too.

3. Said Church outing left my littlest wee one with the croup.  Thankfully, he is on the mend.  So sad to see him sick but I do love the extra cuddles. 

4. H had his final tennis lesson on Monday.  They were allowed to wear their Halloween costumes but, since he is Darth Vader this year, I was afraid he wouldn't see out of his mask.  So we opted for this funny face that he brought home from his teacher - perfect timing Mrs. O!!

5.  We had a ball last night at the annual Halloween Spooktacular Festival.  I was sad Daddy and S couldn't come but H had a ball with all his classmates and friends.

Who knew Darth Vader was a cutie????
I do have a few last minute ideas to share.......that are totally stolen.  If you happen to find yourself entertaining adults tomorrow night, Ron at the Uptown Acorn has collected some adorable cocktails. Check them out here.

And, you need to hop over to Dixie Delights to see this fun idea of "Booing" your kids and/or neighbors.  How fun!!!

Here's hoping you have a Happy Halloween!


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