Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Happened To Civility?

I hope everyone is having a good week.  I am having a no good, pouty, pity party, miserable, the-weekend-can't-get-here-fast-enough kind of week.  It is not like me to have a "whatever" attitude but I have just had a horrible case of feeling like no matter what I do or how hard I try NOTHING matters.  AUGH!  It is a horrible feeling made worse by the fact that I know I need to go to Church tonight to help teach my adorable pre-school missions friends class.  HELLO, FAKE!!!  What I really want to do is tell everyone to kiss my grits and sit in a dark room until this cloud passes by (oh, please pass by).

Have you ever felt like this?  If so, you know it's the pits.  And it seems that every little thing people do makes me more irritated.  So, I had planned to take time off from blogging.  I have nothing to say so why post just for the sake of posting?  BUT THEN THIS HAPPENED!!!!  Y'all aren't going to believe my morning.

So I dropped S off at his school and was making my way to H's school.  All of a sudden, I see an ambulance coming towards us (granted it was a four lane road - two lanes in each direction) but I still pulled over to the side (plenty of room for other cars to pass me should they wish).  Well, Mr. "My Time Is More Valuable Than Everyone Else" behind me didn't like that I had pulled over.  He slammed on his horn, rolled down his window, passed me, flipped me the bird and yelled out, "YOU B****!"..........Stunned, I pull my car back out to the road and make my way to H's school.  Innocently, from the back seat, I hear, "Mommy, what's a B****?"  REALLY?  Did that really just happen?  I'm fuming!  How do I answer?  All I could say was, "honey, it is a really bad word and that man made a really bad choice - I am sorry you had to see that happen but we don't act like that or use that language".  It was the best my baffled brain could come up with at the moment.

As I settled into my office, I quickly glanced through my Blog log to read up on some of my favorite blog posts.  And what do you know- I saw this gem from Rebecca Lang.  Y'all remember her as the cookbook author I've been raving about for months.  I was stunned that her post mirrored my morning. She nailed my thoughts right on the head. But it got me to thinking?  What HAS happened to civility?  Why are we always in such a hurry?  Why did that man NOT want to pull over behind me in respect for the oncoming ambulance?  Why then did he feel the need to react the way he did?  Did he see my child?  Is he feeling like a horses patooty?  Why are his actions making me want to scream an hour later?  Why, why, why?

So here is my wish for today.  I wish everyone (including me) will just chill out.  Take a deep breath, go for a walk at some point today and just be happy to be alive.  I pray that whoever the ambulance was going to get is okay.  I pray that man in the car feels remorse for his actions and does a random good deed for someone today to make up for it and; I pray that I forgive him.  I pray that my son learns something positive from the incident.  I just pray..........

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  1. Ugh. How rude! Candy Corn helps me.
    I hope the cloud passes soon.